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Apr, 2018

Summer Volleyball Starts Thurs, June 28

GYAC Summer Volleyball begins on Thursday, June 28 at 6:30pm at Renninger Park in Glenside (Keswick Ave and Parkside Lane, 19038).  Sorry for any confusion with dates.  The final session will be on Thursday, July 26.

Some logistics to share:

Weather -

Since we are outside, there is a 100% chance that weather will play a role.  In the event of any weather related cancellation that we know in advance, I will email the entire program a cancellation notice, post a note to the GYAC facebook page, and post a notice on the website.  The typical summer weather pattern is "late afternoon showers possible".   Many times, we don't get the rain that was predicted.  Sometimes we get rain that wasn't predicted.

In the event of excessive heat, we will generally play, since we get a nice area of shade by 7pm.  If the heat index is very high, we will certainly cut back on anything too strenuous, and provide plenty of water breaks.  If the weather is dangerously hot, we will cancel.  If you are not comfortable playing on a given night, don't feel the need to send your child that night.


Lightning.  In cases where there is lightning in the forecast, I will be monitoring the Weather Bug app for lightning strikes in the area.  If the lightning gets too close, we will cancel immediately.

All cancellations will be emailed, posted to the GYAC facebook page, and posted on the GYAC homepage.

If multiple sessions are cancelled, we may try to add make-up sessions when possible.  We will probably not extend into August as many coaches are on vacation.


Parents are free to bring a lawn chair and stay, or drop and return.  On nights with the threat of rain, please be accessible via cell if we have to cancel.

One aspect that parents can really help is with the set-up and break-down of nets.  We should have over 100 players each night with 5-7 nets to assemble and break down.  If you are available to help with nets, it would be greatly appreciated,  Find one of the coaches who are setting up the nets, and ask how you can help.

If any parent plays volleyball themselves, and would like to get involved on the court, see Chuck.  The more the merrier.  We can find a role for you!

Net assignments

Players will be initially broken out by age, and shuffled around based on skills.  Players should not feel disappointed because they are not on the net they would like to be.  There is no stigma attached to a net assignment.  If a player's friends are all together, they are free to go with their friends.  Many of the sessions will be skills training and drills, and the net assignment is not important.  In some cases, there may be situations where the advanced players will be split out to play games.  There may be cases where younger players are asked to play with older players solely based on ability.  We don't expect this to happen regularly, but we would expect players on those courts to have the ability and experience to play competitive games.  Our goal of the summer is to teach every player the skills to play games.

Games vs drills

Our sessions will primarily focus on teaching.  We will play game like drills, but your child will not be assigned to a team.  The goals of the summer session is to teach players how to play the game, and how to have fun playing.

Guest coaches

We will be lining up guest coaches who will take charge of the program for the night.  Currently we have TNT Volleyball Club,  Pinnacle Volleyball Academy, Infinity Volleyball Club, Highline Volleyball Club, Bishop McDevitt High School and Penn State Abington Head Coach committed to join us.  These coaches may teach concepts slightly different from what your child has been taught in the past.  We encourage players to keep an open mind, and learn from some of the best coaches in the area.

Sorry for any confusion with the start date.

See you at 6:30pm on Thursday, June 28.  If anyone is able to help with nets, try to arrive around 6pm.



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